Professional carpet cleaning every six to twelve months will help prolong the life of your carpet and keep dust and other allergens to a minimum in your home or business. AFR Ltd use hot water extraction machines to penetrate deep into the pile of carpets or rugs to remove the most stubborn stains and extract the dirt. Our system leaves your carpets and rugs clean and fresh. There is no detergent residue or wet carpets, after only 2 hours carpets are dry and ready for everyday use.

  • Stain Removal
  • Full Carpet Clean
  • Soil Resistant Finishes
  • Carpet Protection

As the customer, you don’t need to do anything, AFR Ltd will remove your furniture and then put back in once your carpet has been fully cleaned, we even put coasters under the feet of furniture to avoid any bleed into the floor if the carpet is still a little damp.